LM Events / 15 Year Anniversary

On September 15th, our office and workroom was the scene of the grandest transformation ever. 

Saskia and the girls from Grandiflora scaled ladders with blossom laden branches and piles of rope, creating the most vibrant canopy of pink!! 

Steve Cordony threw linen cloths over the longest table and filled the whole length with moss and candles and beautiful things. He arranged chairs, and lights and boxes and basically made the ordinary look extraordinary. 

And then there was the food… Martin Boetz and his team from The Cooks Co-op spent the day in our kitchen preparing what could only be described as the most delicious, considered dinner ever!! All locally sourced and prepared with love. 

It was such a wonderful thing to be part of, from start to finish, and we could not have wished for anything better. To all our old and new friends who have supported and cheered along the way, thank you, and here’s to another fifteen. 

P.S Thanks Eddie for the beautiful pictures and Gary at Tomorrowland for being a good friend.