LM Woman #11 / Frances Davison

Frances Davison, Fashion Editor of So It Goes, London

So It Goes is a magazine publication that each issue harmonises fashion editorial with chapters that cover film, architecture, art and celebrity.  The bi-annual magazine has a dreamy but not saccharine affection and has a knack for featuring actors and musicians  before their wave of fame - actors Brit Marling, Riz Ahmed and Lola Kirke have all been featured before their baptism into mainstream media.

The magazine’s team works across Los Angeles and London, and we recently spent the morning with their youngest contingent, Fashion Editor Frances Davison.  We meet at a cafe along Regent’s Canal, peppered with houseboats and herb gardens.  Frances looks like she’s walked out of a Wes Anderson set; beret perched upon her head, and a Margot Tenenbaum swagger. She’s much chirpier than Margot though and over fresh mint tea and tomatoes on toast, we chat publishing, style and Matisse & Miró.


Where do you live in London, and what makes it home to you?

I live in Clapton/Homerton - I love being so close to the marshes and being able to feel like I'm out of London by just taking a short walk. I've always lived in east in London so the whole area feels like home. 


How did you get into the fashion industry, and what do you love about working as a fashion editor? 

I studied fashion history and theory at Central Saint Martins, but before that I started blogging in the dark days of the internet and took myself to fashion week when I was 16. It feels like something I've always been doing. I love the process which goes into creating a great image - putting together the perfect team and seeing the product in print. 


So It Goes features some amazing talent from across film, art and style - can you list a highlight experience or issue?

I still can't believe we shot Mark Ruffalo on film in Montauk for Issue 8. I wasn't even on set but it's my favourite cover we've ever produced. It's also been special having been with the magazine since it first launched - seeing it grow over 5 years. 


What do you love about working in fashion publishing, and in the age of social media where do you see traditional print media heading?

I think fashion magazines have become as much a practice in branding as in publishing. People buy them as objects as much as for their content - and even if that's annoying, it presents an interesting challenge and publishers have to learn to evolve with that. 

What do you think it is that makes a physical print publication so special?

It's something to have and to hold. You can keep it forever or cut it up - there's something eternal about that. Generations have gone by doing the same thing. 


How do you approach your own personal style?

I don't have any hard and fast rules - but I don't wear black and I always have an idea of the colour palettes I'm into at the time. I try not to buy too much new stuff either - I love shopping on etsy and most of what I buy is second hand. 


Do you have a daily uniform?

Usually denim - I'm a Levi's loyalist. Straight 501s in pale blue or white, or a cropped flare. 


Where do you find inspiration from outside of fashion?

Interiors and art I guess! Miró, Calder and Matisse are some of my favourites when I'm looking for colour inspiration. Films, too - I recently watched The Scent of Green Papaya which was gorgeous. 


It’s an obvious question, but a good one - do you have a fashion icon or muse that you always reference? 

I don't think I do! So basic but if I really can't get dressed I might look at the Olsen twins for ideas. More likely to stalk girl crushes on Instagram though. 

Can you tell us of a recent exhibition that you enjoyed?

Peter Shire at Moca in LA. Californian design at its weirdest and best. 


What are you listening to on repeat at the moment?

Bobby Caldwell and Shintaro Sakamoto. I have the latter stuck in my head right now. 


You’ve recently returned from a Summer across Europe, tell us some of your sojourn highlights?

I went to France, Greece, Austria, Portugal and now I'm in Italy. All for work but all delightful. Austria was surreal - my friend Rachel and I were making a little film and decided spontaneously to go paragliding - I loved it. Les Roches Rouges where we stayed in France was a really special place to start the summer. 


Frances wears the Stella Slip Dress in Scarlet.