LM Woman #6 / Megan Morton

Megan Morton is celebrated for her original take on interiors and her eye for detail. She is a dreamer, generously sharing her love of beauty with the world.  We recently spent the morning with Megan at her Sydney studio and home of The School. This is a place where classes are run by industry leaders in the Science of Styling, Extreme Knitting, Shibori and so much more. We are very excited to announce a collaboration with Megan and The School early in 2016.


What is your occupation?

Stylist. I specialise in interiors and atmosphere but I also have a magical unicorn business called The School where I, and others, teach our skills and craft.


What are you currently working on?

theschool.com.au, a trip to New York  and our Instagram teacher, Stephanie Somebody’s hens night in NYC!


How did you end up doing what you’re doing?

By looking and listening. I only talk now because for so long I looked and listened.


How do you approach personal style?

I enjoy my accessories far too much. Some days when I play at home I literally can faff for hours in my bangle drawers. And then when I really want to get excited I go to my colour coded silk scarf collection (that is on rotation due to weather and seasonal responses) and go wild.


Do you have a uniform?

Maxi skirts are like tracksuit bottoms for me. I actually have some in soft, worn denim in lieu of jeans. I go places and people say ‘where are you going afterwards?’ I say 'home’. I don’t wear makeup daily or heels or fuss up top, but maxis do that to people. They seem to say 'effort’.


What would you do, see or learn if you had more time?

Art and books, I’d like to go back to school and study art history or music.


What would you tell your 18 year-old self?

Nothing, as she wouldn’t have listened!


Who or what has been the most important influence on you in life?

My grandmother, 96 year old Jean Newtown. The kindest woman I know.


If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

Here, in Sydney, eating at family night at House of Crabs.


What has been your most memorable meal?

Under moonlight, the first night we moved into our new house. Water lapping, picnic style with my children and Giles. I have been to many ‘amazing’ places to eat and #incredible locations, but nothing beats your own people on a grassy knoll with a basket full of no-name food.


Favourite film?

Tilda anything! Wes anything!

But I dream about the drama of The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover.  Such a classic film noir that I saw as an impressionable young person and its drama and beauty have never been far from my mind. I also loved watching Hugo with my youngest. So much analogy in that film disguised as a `kids’ flick.


Travel destination?

Instead of its pretty sisters, Florence and Rome, I choose Sicily as I have recently returned from working and holidaying there. It is brown, dirty and totally kooky but incredible.


What are your favourite pieces from this collection?

The cross body bag! I am aiming to downsize every year from my large bucket style bag, which is a strain on the tennis arm and is always fully loaded for the sake of it. This one is not an under proportioned mini, but a good step down, and supple too. 

I haven’t worn khaki for a while and am so picking up the vibes the trench in khaki is putting down. I will make my own belt out of a vintage curtain tie back or a silk scarf to make it my own. 

And I love linen shirts especially over swimsuits with sleeves rolled large. So the linen shirt is a staple I can’t live without as I live next to the beach.