LM Woman #30 / Pip Vassett

IN BED is a homewares brand that encapsulates all your linen life dreams. Their bedding is soft and tactile, coming in spectrum of gently washed coloured clouds with flossy names like peach and mist. Founded by Pip Vassett and her partner Eddie Arnott, the company has expanded their online world to a bricks and mortar home in Paddington, Sydney where they sell a melange of elegantly curated objects for the home, reflecting their minimalist thoughtful style. We chatted with the gracious Pip, on the business of being IN BED. 


You changed career paths from Fashion Editor (at Yen) to creating IN BED, a bed and lifestyle store.  Can you tell me about the career shift and your love for interiors?

I had been styling for around 8 or so years and I had fallen out of love with it a little. Along with Yen I had been freelancing a lot and so was always working to other peoples briefs & ideas and I really wanted something that I had complete creative control over. I’m also a big homebody so creating a home & living space I loved was always something I was honing and fine-tuning and at some point, interiors became much more of an interest to me than fashion. So I guess the two things culminated and I decided I wanted to do something within the interiors space. At the time there was really nothing like IN BED around - a homewares brand that spoke to me and that I really felt an affinity toward like I did with a fashion brand I loved. So I thought there might be a bit of a niche there.


Since setting up IN BED, what are you most proud of?

Building a great team. It’s not something I thought about when I first started IN BED but you soon learn that surrounding yourself with great people (who are much better at certain aspects of business than you) is how you grow & create a great brand.That and I’m still very proud of/obsessed with our flagship. It’s lovely having our own space that really showcases what IN BED is all about.


 A bedroom can be a very sacred place! What are some of the most fundamental elements to creating a beautiful hideaway?

Decluttering is a big one for me. Just having the essentials so you don’t feel like you’re being swallowed up by ‘stuff’. Nothing under the bed and no clothes piling up on a chair in the corner. It should be a ‘zen’ space even if you’re messy - just get it out of your bedroom! Aside from this lighting is important. I like to have soft lighting in the bedroom which I love Noguchi lamps for. Definitely no downlights in the bedroom.


Where do you make all of your bedding, and how does responsible manufacturing enter into your process?

We make all over the globe but our bedding is predominately China & Portugal. All of our supply partners are thoroughly vetted and we use only high quality, natural fibres and fabrics, always ensuring with our producers that ethical practices are maintained. We work closely with and visit all of our suppliers and factories, at least annually, to make certain that standards for our products (and those who make them) are consistent and exceedingly high.

When did you open the doors to your beautiful store?

We opened officially May 2nd, 2018. We had a pop up in the space last Christmas prior to doing our fit out and then closed for renovations which took...a while!


How did you approach creating the space and interior of the store?

I pulled together a lot of reference images for how I wanted the space to feel and look. These were taken from homes we’d featured on our Journal along with homes I’d admired far & wide and also some more specific references of things I loved like certain timbers, lights or tables. The idea was always to create a space that felt like walking into a friends home, more than walking into a store. We had worked a lot with We Are Triibe on past projects & collaborations and they really understand the brand so straight away knew where we were coming from and what we wanted.

How do you describe your personal style?

Simple, fairly minimal, nothing fussy or unnecessary.


How would you describe your interior style?


Similar to the above with the addition of sentimental pieces from travel and family.


What makes a house a home?

You can create the most beautiful house with the most amazing furniture but if you don’t have those little sentimental pieces scattered around then it always feels impersonal & a bit like a showroom. I love strange little bits & pieces with a story and think these are what creates a warm, inviting home. That and scent - I’m big on incense and candles.

Do you have a favourite area in your home?

Unsurprisingly our bedroom. I love to sleep!


Do you have a daily uniform or pieces you always gravitate towards?

Trousers with a cropped ankle and oversized shirts. In summer worn with simple sandals and in winter Common Projects or Superga sneakers.


What are some of the most well-loved pieces in your wardrobe?

A vintage Burberry trench, my many white shirts.

What do you love most about Summer in Sydney?

Morning & after works swims at the beach, it makes everyday feel like a holiday.


How do you plan to spend your Christmas holidays?

We’re staying in Sydney which I’m really looking forward to. Lots of beach time and day trips up to the Northern Beaches and Central Coast. Lots of swimming, lots of eating, lots of not doing much at all.


What can we expect next from IN BED for 2019?

Fine tuning what we’re already doing.