Day in the life No. 6 — Liv

See what a day in the life looks like with our Armadale store manager, Liv. 

What does being at home mean to you at the moment?

Appreciating a pause from “routine”, to clear the mind and enjoy moments that I usually rush through or push aside. I’ve definitely found it challenging to adapt to a daily routine that doesn’t involve going to work, however I’m trying to focus on what it does offer me. It’s been a great time to connect to myself, to better understand me and the idea that your job doesn’t define you.

What are you missing most?

Friends. They are everything. Missing our weekly Monday Bubbles, laughing at everything and nothing. FaceTime just doesn’t cut it. 

What are you cooking most at home?

Lots of winter warmers, full of spices, fresh herbs & tomatoes. I am such a lazy cook at the end of a work day, now there are no excuses! We have a great WhatsApp group called ‘ISO Recipes’ where friends of friends, mums, overseas relatives, can all share what they’ve been cooking and their tips. It’s a great source of inspiration, I feel like I’ve gone through all my cookbooks at home! Favourite new dish is Yotam Ottolenghi’s Honey & Yoghurt Set Cheese Cake, I had no self-control so I’m avoiding making it again (until I can have 10 people over to eat it with me). 


Skills you're working on while in isolation?

I’ve loved getting back into my French. Trying to practice for at least 30 minutes a day on DuoLingo. Dad and I both have the app so it can get a little competitive… I’m longing for a trip back to Paris with Mum when we can. I’ve enjoyed learning a new skill taking up knitting. Leaning on Sam (our Carlton manager) and YouTube for help with my many questions has been a life saver. Thought I’d start with a small project, so I’m making a blanket… hopefully it’s ready by next winter...! A friend of mine has also introduced me to percolated coffee and I’m now obsessed. It gets me out of bed each morning, striving to make that perfect cup of coffee. I think the percolator is now my favourite kitchen utensil (don’t tell my mixer). 

What has this time allowed you to focus on?

It’s been so therapeutic to delve back into hobbies I enjoy although my mind has also missed being challenged. A friend of my mum’s sent me a link to Coursera and I fell like Alice into a wonderland. There’s a wealth of knowledge to be discovered from really inspiring universities and schools. I’ve started a short course in Sustainable Fashion, something we are very passionate about at Lee Mathews and essential for the future of fashion. It’s been incredible learning about such forward thinking companies designing and implementing really creative sustainable processes to their business models. As I continue each week, I feel I actually have a responsibility to take this course, to educate myself, discover and discuss sustainable fashion whilst I continue to work in the industry.

Best thing you’ve read so far? (It could be an article, a book, a magazine)

Find Me by Andre Aciman. Best thing I’ve listened to? Dolly Parton’s America podcast.


One hero piece of clothing you're depending on?

My cashmere turtleneck. I’ve collected a few different colours over the years and I keep them on rotation depending on my mood. And a headscarf to tame unruly self-isolation locks.

What are you most looking forward to when normalcy finally returns?

Seeing mum and dad. And a really long dinner at Neighbourhood Wine.